Lynn Neel
   Danse Du Soleil
“ The Glorious Lamp of Heav’n,
           The Radiant Sun.”    
                            ~ Dryden
Title : Her Quiescence

Upcoming and ongoing shows:  The Grand Bohemian Gallery  Birmingham,  Alabama ,

Pottery Barn Birmingham Al. Summit Oct 22nd

      Commissions Welcomed

  Residential and large scale installations for commercial spaces


Impeccable craftsmanship, clean contemporary design and the beauty of European glass crystal meld in an exquisite balance of form and function. Drawing on her years as a professional retail designer, Lynn Neel fabricates aluminum and stainless steel mobiles that use the finest, most unique, Austrian and Czech cut lead crystal to create works that, by refracting sunlight, fill their environment with moving color.

Neel begins by designing and fabricating the individual hanging structures; hand cutting, drilling and polishing stainless steel hypodermic needle tubing and aluminum rod, then assembling each one separately. The crystal forms are added to make sculpture that is not only formal in nature, but also abstractions of the shapes of the celestial universe. To see these works illuminated by direct sunlight is to travel to the stars and see the splendor of the galaxies come to life.